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LUYOR Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of ultraviolet equipment and fluorescent materials. These state-of-the-art products are built to exacting engineering standards and are utilized for literally hundreds of markets and applications that demand uncompromising quality and reliability. LUYOR® fluorescent dyes are used to check for fluid leaks in power plants, nuclear reactors, oil pipelines and industrial facilities worldwide.

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UV LED NDT Inspection Lamps


  1. LUYOR-3104 uv led NDT Inspection Lamps
  2. LUYOR-3105 NDT Inspection Lamps
  3. LUYOR-3103p NDT Inspection Lamps
  4. LUYOR-3115 NDT UV LED large area lamp
  5. LUYOR-365A Broad-Beam NDT Inspection Lamps
  6. LUV-30 UV absorbing spectacles
  7. LUYOR-3130 UV LED Fluorescent Inspection Flashlight
  8. LUYOR-3130 UV LED Leak Detection Flashlight
  9. LUYOR-3210 LED Forensic Inspection Field Kit
  10. LE-Series hand-held UV lamps for Forensics / Security